This website aims to provide emotional support to parents and carers of children with special needs.  Many parents of disabled children or children with special needs face additional associated challenges in practical, physical and emotional terms. Sometimes when life doesn't follow an expected, mainstream, non-disabled path it can make you feel isolated and like you're the only one going through certain emotions and experiences. 

The aim of these pages is to provide a virtual home for parents and carers to realise you are not alone. There are many other families also going through similar experiences and feeling similar complex emotions.

Some of the thoughts and experiences of other families are included under words of wisdom.  To complete the survey to share your recommendations and experiences please click here for your chance to win  £25 pizza express voucher!  Thank you to everyone who has completed the survey, it is very moving that you are willing to share this with others in a similar situation.

There is information on relevant UK organisations and private practitioners (counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists) who can provide further emotional support if necessary.  

This website is managed by Joanna Griffin, Chartered Counselling Psychologist.
‘Fear about my son's future now he is 18. Pressure of being the only one who really knows my son. Worries about my mortality - who will look after my son when I' m gone.’ – Mum, son, 18, ASD with severe associated language and sensory difficulties
I have gained many useful skills that will eventually transfer to work or self-employment. It has opened my eyes to a world that is normally hidden and makes me more determined to fight. I have also, eventually, learnt to enjoy being a mum. Take it one step at a time. And breathe. – Mum, 8, girl, hemiplegia and cerebral visual impairment  
'Love your child for who they are and who they will become, do not fret over what might have been it is your child's happiness and your love of them that will see you through the dark times and there will be plenty of them but even the smallest thing can alter a bad day from a hug that had never come before to a smile or a laugh at only something the two of you can understand' – Mum, 22 male Autism high functioning
Cerebra Stress helpline
0800 043 9385
Scope Face to face befriending
0844 800 9189
Contact a Family
0808 808 3555