5 things every parent of a disabled child should know

  1. It’s not your fault
    Parents often feel an illogical guilt about their disabled child.  It’s part of the parenting instinct to protect your child.  However, sometimes guilt can get in the way of looking after yourself and your child.  Give yourself a break.
  2. Sometimes you fight, sometimes you rest
    There are lots of battles involved in parenting a disabled child.  Know when to fight, and when to save your energy for another time.
  3. Your child is still a child
    Remember that your child still needs cuddles, play, interaction as any other child. It can be hard as a parent when it feels like the demands of things such as physiotherapy or speech therapy take away from the precious time of just being with your child.
  4. Make contact with other parents of children with special needs
    You are not alone. Speaking to others who have similar concerns and frustrations can really help you feel less isolated.
  5. Look after yourself
    You are a carer and you need to be nurtured.   That may involve respite, time with others, keeping up hobbies or time spent without appointments and other pressures.  Give yourself permission to take time for yourself.

    Emotional support for parents of children with special needs